Dec 162009

Hey folks,

Long time, I know. Things have been crazy busy, and I know a lot of you know that getting married and creating an art car are good reasons ;). At any rate, we have put together a great party this weekend at an excellent west side location that’s open late. Hope you can make it down, shake your booty, toss back some egg nog, and support our paying off the art car! More info on the events page.

Remember that three eyed lanternfish (the Sqysh Fysh) art car on the playa? The wonky beast is finally having it’s first fundraiser after two years on the playa. Help preserve this endangered species from extinction~

Sqysh Fysh presents: A Nightmare before Xmas

Saturday 12.19.09 @ Area 33 from 10pm – 6am

~Knowa Knowone (Street Ritual, Muti Music, SF)

~Pumpkin (Kabinet Theatre, Wandering Marionettes)

~Brion Charles (Brion T)

~Gabe (Sqysh Fysh, didJital)


A little dubstep, glitchy grime, wobbly house, and bassy cumbia, mmmhmmm.

Plus: Live and aerial performance, LAPhotobooth, covered patio, fire pit, food. Full cash bar + ATM.
Area 33, 11822 Teale Street, Culver City

Presale tickets available now. (Limited $10 tickets, get em while they last!)

$10 before 11pm, $15 after.


More info on the artists:
Knowa Knowone is a musician, creative individual, freelance social worker and community instigator. His influences are based in ancient culture and mysticism being fused with technology, graffiti, and urban life. As a Producer, DJ and Turntablist/Controllerist, HipHop, Breakbeats, Dubstep, and Reggae all fuse together into a style completely individual. Every song and performance is unique, with influences from all over the world, ethnic and tribal beats layered with bass heavy dance floor appeal. Knowa frequently features MCs and live musicians, such as Souleye, Seasunz and more. His recent releases include the full length album “KnowSleep” co-produced with Sleepyhead, out now on Street Ritual Recordings (SF), and “Free Energy” on Muti Music (SF). He is currently working on collaborations with Mimosa, Souleye & BLVD, Lynx and Janover, Audiovoid, Beats Antique, Sasha Rose, emerging SoCal Hiphop stars 3rd Borough, and more. Listen to his music at, and get the downloads at,, iTunes, Beatport or anywhere quality MP3s are available.
Knowa Knowone - Free Energy EP Knowa Knowone – Free Energy MP3

Pumpkin (formerly known in the underground DJ world as Nick the Neck) is the producer and music curator behind the Wandering Marionettes and their eclectic monthly event, Kabinet Theatre. While his production style is often dark and  cinematic, his DJ style is a melange of dubby tech-house, downtempo, trip-hop, alt-indie remixes and some circusy surprises thrown in for good measure. Tactfully walking the thin line between hip-grinding rhythms and bittersweet lyrical melodies, Pumpkin truly loves every song he shares with the dancefloor.
Download dj mixes, original tracks and remixes at

Brion Charles (Brion Topolski) has a mix up at

13Sound (Adrian Salinas) has a mix of digital cumbia bass posted at

Gabe is one of the conspirators behind the Sqysh Fysh. You may have caught one of his sets if you hitched a ride on the art car on the playa. He has a mix posted at

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